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My goal is to take legal action against Torchmark Corporation, American Income Life Insurance Company, and All individual Agencies and Individuals who recruit, sell, or otherwise market the American Income Life to the public in a fraudulent manner. My goal is to legally force these companies and individuals to recruit, sell, and market to the public in a manner that is free of all fraudulent pretenses, misrepresentations, half-truths, or otherwise.


I am an ex-employee who recognizes that this company may sell a legitimate product but uses fraudulent tactics in both selling the product and hiring new agents. This fraudulent behavior originates and is taught by American Income Life's staff at their home office in Waco Texas at "Leadership Schools". At these "Leadership Schools" AIL higher-ups teach employees from across the Nation how to recruit and manage AIL staff. This includes what to say in emails and on the telephone when initially contacting prospective employees, what to say in the interview process, and even what to say when new hirees ask questions that may illicit the truth in how AIL actually compensates its employees or does business among the general public.


I have Found That General Managers at American Income Life Insurance Company Have Engaged in the Following Fraudulent Or Otherwise Improper Conduct.


a.) False Statement: You are being contacted for a "Management Position."
Fact: This is Not a "Job Offer" it is an "Opportunity" meaning you are paying AIL to train you to sell their product in hopes you can recoup your losses by selling enough policies over time.


a.) False Statement: "This is Your Business."

Fact: You are required to be at AIL's place of business: for meetings on Mondays, to make phone calls on Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm-9pm, and to work Saturday and Sundays in the field selling policies.

b.) False Statement: You Can "Make Your Own Hours."
Fact: See above.

c.) False Statement: There is Unlimited "Unlimited Income Potential."
Fact: There your income potential is limited by the number of years you stay with the company - you do not get paid for the full amount of your commission as a residual unless you stay with AIL for 10-years.


a.) False Statement "We (AIL) will charge you for "Licensing."

Fact: You are being charged for: 1) Insurance Licensing School, in addition to: 2) Payment to AIL to train you to use their Sales Pitches, and 2) Office Expenses including a filing box, pens, paper, and dividers.


a.) False Statement: "We (AIL) Reimburse you for Licensing Expenses."
Fact: You are only reimbursed for charges of the Licensing school and not what you pay to be taught AIL's sales pitches and office expenses.
Fact: You are only reimbursed about 65% - 75% of your initial payment to AIL ONLY if you have an 86% retention rate on sold policies.

b.) Truth About Residuals.
Fact: Each year you stay with the company you earn 10% of your residuals which means to earn all of your residuals you must advance to a Master General Agent Position and Stay with the Company for 10-years.

a.) Managers saying to newly licensed agents, "I look at you guys and all I see is how much money I can make off you."
b.) Managers reprimanding agents for taking meal breaks.



You will be contacted from either a blocked number or a number that will read "American Income", "American Income Life," "National Income Life," or something around those lines. The person will say they are from American Income and that they are calling you because: (1) either your benefits are ready to be received or, (2) a friend of yours or a family member has become a member with their company. What this really means is that somehow they have gotten your contact information from someone you know but it does not mean that the person you know is actually a member of AIL or any of its affiliate companies.

These agents are trained to call your number over and over both blocked and unblocked until you pick up the phone. If the agents have your address they are trained to go to you home without notice and try to get into your home, especially to your kitchen, to get you to sit down and sell you a policy. Agents are explicitly trained to "take control" over your home by trying to walk past you into your house without being invited, to look for your bank information so that you cannot use failure to have a bank account as an excuse not to buy, and also by rearranging papers on your table, rearranging chairs in your living spaces, and to tell you and your loved ones where to sit.

1.) How AIL Obtained Your Information:
You are being contacted because 1) You either filled out a Union Card asking to be contacted 2) Your name is in the AIL database, or 3) A friend was contacted by AIL and they gave AIL your name (there is a strong likelihood they were pressured into giving out your name and contact information).

2) Reason AIL is Contacting You:
They want to get into your house to sell you life insurance.

3) Method of Getting Into Your House:
Agents are trained that once you open the door they are to enter as quickly as possible, find your kitchen table, and begin moving chairs around in order to get control of the situation. Once inside Agents are taught to look for your mail in order to find out what Bank you bank with. Agents are also instructed to look at your purse or wallet when you open it to look for Bank information.

4) Truth About the Certificate Paying You Immediately:
This is Not Unique to AIL, they will tell you they are the only company in the Nation, or World (depending on the AIL office) that has this certificate. In fact other companies have this option - to be paid immediately upon death. However, you are being charged for this service as other companies similarly charge for this service.

5) Pressure Methods to Get You to Purchase:
Agents are instructed to tell clients that they must service union members first which is false. Agents will tell you that they can only see you once and they cannot come back to your house before other Union Members get their benefits - this is false as well since Agents are not restricted to go back to a house as many times as they feel necessary to get you to buy.


Please Note: Earlier I had posted "more to come" indicating that I would post each offense by location. After talking with many people I have come to realize that all (every single one) AIL agencies are nearly identical in their violation with the only difference being that in different regions, and often based on economic differences, the initial fee to sign up varies from $200-$655, however I have chronicled that one area has gone from $200 to $650 in a six-month period in the last year alone. Thus, unless there are statistically significant differences the following locations have engaged in these behaviors:

(1) Settle disputes out of court between past employees in order to keep its Better Business Bureau Rating (BBB); (2) Possible drug abuse among managers and owners; (3) Managers and Owners verbally and physically harassing employees during "Departure/Exit Interviews"; (4) Lying to prospective employees about the job description, job requirements, and income potential; (5) Lying to potential customers about the nature of the product or lying to get into the customers house to sell them a product.

The Public Should Be Cautious When Dealing With Agencies Located In These States:


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North Dakota
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  1. AIL is a terrific organization to work for if, you want to spend a lot of money for no return. Want to be treated like crap. Want to go into the ghetto to sell insurance to people who cannot afford it. Want to lie to people, telling them you are delivering their free benefits, which are not worth the paper they are written on, and then procede to sell them their insurance. Enjoy having prospects draw guns on you or visiting abandoned crack houses to attempt to not make a sale. Finally quit, having spent money you don't have, time, which could be better spent on a real job search and feeling like a complete liar for the lies you tell your "union" members. Remember, most union people don't live in the ghetto but that is where we were sent. That and to elderly seniors who were eligible for cancer policies and nothing more.

  2. Having worked for a major corporation 25 years, I knew something wasn't right soon after I started training. I hung around for a little while to make sure my feelings were correct and when they were confirmed got ou. I had the opportunity to work for a reputable company, where I earned a salary and commission but by then was so turned off by AIL that I decided I didn't want to sell insurance. A little bit of advice: when one is in desperate need of a job and opportunity can be easily misled and taken advantage of.

  3. Wow! I am sorry to hear that these practices are with agencies. But not all are that way, we are not taught to do as you describe. I have been with the company for years and AIL is a great company. It so funny that people will go and pay $20-$30,000 for a degree to get a better job or hope to that includes plenty of administration fees. Yet to commit to yourself the same way and pay $400 plus for a license (similar to a degree if you want to compare) to earn money based on your work ethic and performance. It amazes me on how many people want something handed to them for nothing and complain about their own failure on the system instead of themselves. Have a nice day.

    1. You have got to be kidding me with all that you said in your post...AIL is nothing but a scam, these ppl commenting on AIL have been taken advantage of. Your comment was in 2010 it is now 2018 and I wonder how great you think AIL is now? I bet your not with them is nothing but a pyramid. If your smart take that license and go work for yourself starting your own company or work with a legit company who sells real insurance...have a nice day!

  4. I am a recent former employee of AIL. I have been coming to terms with the fact that I had my name attached to that company for almost a year... I must say I had very similar experiences to the ones outlined above. I was coerced into working 80+ hours a week, yelled at repeatedly, questioned for missing work when I got in a wreck on company time (300 miles away from the office), and witnessed the owner of my agency throw her cell phone against a wall and scream expletives at everyone in the room... I am absolutely awestruck that they are still allowed to conduct business. Partially due to the HIGH PRESSURE SALES TACTICS you are "taught" to utilize. I will spare you my full diatribe as I can go on for quite a while. Nothing made me happier than the day I went in 3hrs late to quit on my lunch from the job offer I had accepted the day before (that is completely unrelated to the overall dirty dirty insurance industry)that I am still very happy at.

  5. Mr. A You are full of shit. Who do you think you are fooling. I am sure you are one of the scammers at the top that suck the blood out of the trusting little soldiers(mostly kids straight out of school) and their unsuspecting victims they are sent out to hustle. FUCK YOU. Feel free to call me as well if you want to talk directly to me about it. 614 454 3916 Yours Truly, Mike Fox

  6. Took my life - promised me the "oil well" - gave me the "shaft". Company FORCES you to work bad leads, bad hours and in bad sections of the city.

    According to the IRS, 1099 employees have the right to work their own schedule and use their own methods to produce a "company-controlled" outcome.

    AIL says, We don't care about the LAW - do it or your not welcomed here anymore. Hooked for $3500.00. Very wounded and grieved in spirit, soul and body.

    Christians!!! Stay away - corporate altar needs Christ's life sacrificed on their altar to justify the company's "imbalance".

    Soul-sick, heart-sick, used, abused, oppressed and very upset!!!

  7. I was called today for an interview. I am unemployed and a single full time mother. I am VERY glad that I did research before I went to the interview. Thank you to all of you for opening my eyes, I am not going to the interview now and I am heartbrokend that all of you went through this.

  8. I want to congratulate for this goal is to take legal action against Torchmark Corporation, American Income Life Insurance Company, and All individual Agencies and Individuals who recruit, sell, or otherwise market the American Income Life to the public in a fraudulent manner. Your goal is to legally force these companies and individuals to recruit, sell, and market to the public in a manner that is free of all fraudulent pretenses, misrepresentations, half-truths, or otherwise.

    My personal experience is not different what is posted in this web page. Also I have my personal issues, in which I was working with a person that later I learned was a person with a very questionable career in the insurance industry. I decided not to work more because I was not sure that what happened was because the company or th person. I did 3 new life insurance policies in 2 week, in my first time in other language different of my trainer. My trainer or supervisor was only to coach me in the filling process, otherwise I did the whole process of offering the Life Insurance products. What disgusted me was to have the whole information of this people, in which is so much personal information, in the hand of this person.
    I was sent to a field very far from my home, sleeping in hotel with a supervisor that I did not know before; I trusted the person because suppously her background was checked.
    What upset me is the dishonest way to have personal information of a lot of members of Unions, from Domestic Workers to firefighters men workers, policemen workers; teachers; etc.
    So keep going in that, because I am in my own search of all this complaints.
    I did not get a pay check commission from my sales. Something that discouraged me and also I was dissapointed because I gave down payment to start the business.

  9. Most of these accusations are absolutely THE TRUTH. Except the part of trying to get your bank info and going into purses.
    I worked with them for 2 months and I'm completly broke because of their system but they did get all the leads I obtained for them.

  10. Ok so I will simply say this. I am a current employee of AIL in MA. I am a newly promoted manager. And I've had some very hard times since I've worked for AIL, but I have also had some very good ones. I can say this, I have never lied to anyone weather it be for a policy or employment. I paid the licensing fee of $225 to the state. Yes in order to be successful you have to work allot but I have had nothing but support from my management and I have never seen any of our managers put down agents in any way, they are always there to help in any way they can. We are also taught that sometimes you cannot sell someone a policy because they cannot afford it and all you are doing is hurting them. Lastly I will say, when I am in a house I never go inside until I am invited and a table is easier but not required. And when it comes to bank account info, the only reason we ask for proof of an account is because no offense but if you are buying a policy we just want to get paid on it. And if people can't afford a policy and can't prove they have an account well then that's fine, I don't want to sell them one if it will hurt them.

  11. AIL is noting more than a M.L.M. (Multi Level Marketing) or Pyramid...My son in law is hooked on this because a few of his friends talked him into sad, he is completely broke and has two kids...this is not a company or a real job of any legit, if you are involved and this is all your doing to earn money, well go and try to get a loan or an apartment or a ain't happening because it is not a legit job or source of income...Get out of it and find a different plan or dream, one that is totally legit...